Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Basic Wallets


Is anyone else following Celebrate the Boy over at MADE and Made By Rae ?? It's a whole MONTH of boy projects and giveaways and this is the 2nd year they have done it. I've gotten so many great ideas and there a few tutorials that I have gone back to several times, especially the ones about making pants!

This week Anna, from Noodlehead (one of my other favorite blogs) shared her basic boys wallet tutorial. I just happened to receive a huge box of discontinued decorator fabric samples from my sister in the mail this weekend and thought they'd be perfect!! I'm thinking these wallets will be my "go to" gift for Sweet Pea's friends as they are all turning 5 this spring! I know most of them would love to receive their own wallets with a dollar two and maybe a gift card inside!! I know my kids are excited about them! In fact, I made Jojo's first and Leah hounded me all evening to do one for her. Thankfully my non-napping kids went to bed at 7pm so I had time to make her's too!




Sorry these photos are less than stellar. It is an absolutely miserably dreary day here once again. I am so ready for this rain and gray to be over. It seems I need a bit more practice and little less help from the small people on applying my vinyl pieces and snaps too. Lots of crookedness there!!


  1. Your wallets are very cute! love the colours/patterns you used :)

  2. What a great idea! Im going to make my nephew this for his 5th b-day! Love it! Be glad youre still not in Wi, we just got 6 inces of snow. ugh...

  3. love them! they turned out so cute. and I agree with colins mom, more snow = :(
    come on already spring!


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