Monday, April 4, 2011

The Charlotte Shirt

So it's Monday and I think the germs have finally left the house!! Finally it was a long week that ended with a chest x-ray and a double infection for Sweet Pea. We managed to perk up this weekend and get out of the house as a family. AND both kids were off to school today!! Sweet Pea headed back to preschool and Jojo had his first day at his preschool. His school is the coolest thing, it's at the local high school as is taught by students taking child development courses. He goes three days a week for six weeks. Such a fun places for him to start school. Sweet Pea went there too!

Having kids down for the count last week gave me a bit of time to sew and to do some crafts with them. The only problem was that I had to work with what I had on hand! I hauled out another chunk of the red floral I scored at goodwill that I used for this apron and this skirt. This time I whipped up a cute little swing style top for spring using the Charlotte Dress Pattern from Mama Stellato. I just left off the sash and shortened the length. I hope to pick up some white capri pants to go with it.

And no, there is no photo of my model wearing this top because this is what she looked like a good part of last week. Gorgeous, but one sick little girl. 

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