Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And I'm back

So good weather hit and I vanished from the blogging world. I just can't seem to make myself work on many projects or sit at the computer when I want to be outdoors soaking up the sun. We've been busy visiting the park, riding bikes, running, playing, etc. Crazy how life just gets in the way sometimes.

One of the highlights of the past few weeks for me was running in the GO! Saint Louis Marathon Relay. How it works is that a four member team each runs a six or seven mile leg to complete an entire marathon. The church we attend had four teams running. I ran the last leg when it was very hot and mostly uphill. I was happy with my time and was amazed by all the people out there running.

Another bit of excitement around here is that we have our garden planted. It's just a little bitty raised bed and a few post but it's still super fun for the kids. Our peas and beans have sprouted and are looking great!

And today we are wishing the husband a very happy birthday. And yes, JOjo is wearing a tie on a Tuesday. He likes to dress like daddy, bless his little heart.

And I have been doing a few crafty things. Jojo got a new BIG bed last week so I've been working on a few things for his room including some pillows and lamp. The hubs and I are off to the STL Cardinals game tonight so those will have to wait till tomorrow!

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