Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wall Pockets & Organization

True confession of the day. I am not an organized person. I'd like to think that I am but I'm not. Honestly it drives me crazy and I try and try again to be more organized but it never quite comes together. This week, it a fit of frustration, I'm at it again. I could NO LONG STAND what was happening in my laundry room. It's a big laundry room but the space is sort of wasted. What does one put in a laundry room?? I have a washer and dryer and on the opposite wall is a double closet, and a pantry type closet and on the third wall is the door to the garage, oh and there is also a door to the kitchen!

I really should have taken a photo of what was going on in there but it was pretty sad. I added this table that had become the dumping ground. Mail, keys, craft stuff, a half eaten hot dog, random snacks, bubbles, tools, a jump rope. The kids had no good place to put their bags & coats. I tried to get them in the closet but it just wasn't happening. So on Monday, I snapped. I banished the table to the basement and brought in a shoe rack and a pack of command hooks (I need to do a post on my love affair with command hooks!) I created these awesome fabric wall pockets and a new chore chart. Now, who wants to guess how long this attempt at organization will last!?!?

 I made the chart from the metal sheet of a dry erase board we had that had lost it's frame. I covered the edges with strip of fabric from an old bed sheet that I hot glued on. It's stuck to the door with command strips.  The chores, etc are written on with a marker so I can change them as needed and the kids mark their completed chores with a magnets made from craft foam. 

These super cool wall pockets were made from a tutorial found over at Thrive. I LOVE that they are made from corrugated plastic and an old bed sheet. You can use cardboard too but I have tons of corrugated plastic on hand. Please don't look to closely at these since my fabric got glued on a bit crooked. It was a hazard of attempting to craft and supervise a toddler at the same time. I'm hoping that these small things help get life back in order around here just a bit!

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