Thursday, May 19, 2011

Simple Skirts

Hello again.

So I like the blog MADE. Great tutorials. Including the one for the Simple Skirt! I figured it was simple enough that I could show my friend Amanda how to make it on her brand new sewing machine. So a few weeks ago we took her machine out of the box and whipped up a pair of matching skirts for Sweet Pea and Cinderella! It took us two days to finish them thanks to a pair of rowdy little brothers that needed to be supervised and a pitcher of margaritas that needed to be consumed on Cinco de Mayo but we got them done!

I really wish Amanda blogged too because after this she made the cutest tank top to go with the skirt with little star buttons and ribbons! I made both girls another version of the skirt too which is great for doing all sorts of things!  

Like Jump Rope 

and blowing bubbles

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