Friday, May 20, 2011

Mommy's New Camera

The hubs, bless his heart, finally came through with a new camera as a mother's day / birthday gift for me! It took our taking really cool photos of some BMX bikers in action to prove to him that it was a necessary purchase. I am one happy momma and have been busy snapping away and reading up how to use my camera instead of crafting and blogging. Here's a few images so far!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Simple Skirts

Hello again.

So I like the blog MADE. Great tutorials. Including the one for the Simple Skirt! I figured it was simple enough that I could show my friend Amanda how to make it on her brand new sewing machine. So a few weeks ago we took her machine out of the box and whipped up a pair of matching skirts for Sweet Pea and Cinderella! It took us two days to finish them thanks to a pair of rowdy little brothers that needed to be supervised and a pitcher of margaritas that needed to be consumed on Cinco de Mayo but we got them done!

I really wish Amanda blogged too because after this she made the cutest tank top to go with the skirt with little star buttons and ribbons! I made both girls another version of the skirt too which is great for doing all sorts of things!  

Like Jump Rope 

and blowing bubbles

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sports Pillows

Yup, avoiding my blog like the plague. Bad blogger just hasn't been in the mood. Not sure why. I've been up to a few things though, like working on these cute sports pillows for Jojo's room. I was happy to be able to give new life to an old rugby sweatshirt and a really awesome Official USA RUGBY Jersey. The white baseballs were made with an old white t-shirt and a bit of red fabric paint. The little man loves them though!